Frequently Asked Questions

Inspection and termite questions

1. Do you do the dry rot/termite repair work or subcontract out? Our people do 95% of the work. We will subcontract out specialized items.

2. How long is a termite report good for? The allotted time is four months. After that a new termite report is required.

3. Who makes the determination when a termite inspection is required on a home or building sale? The lending company or the buyer.

4. Why is a copy of the report sent to the State of California? We must notify the Structural Pest Control Board by law to inform them that an inspection was performed by our company on a property. The Structural Pest Control Board is our regulatory agency which is a division of the Department of Consumer Affairs. They have no control over the decisions you make in regards to your property.

5. How long will a termite treatment last?
A. When a fumigation (tenting of the structure) is done for drywood termites or wood infesting beetles, the treatment eradicated the infestation, but there is no residual or long-lasting chemical protection.

B. When a ground treatment is completed for subterranean termites, the average control period in California is seven years. This means some treatments will last for four or five years while others will last ten to fifteen years.

C. We offer a Homeowner's Protection Policy that gives you the option to extend the warranty year to year. The Homeowner's Protection Policy can be transferred to a new owner of a property. Any retreatment for the covered pest will be completed under this program at no charge to owner.

General pest control questions

6. Why are homes serviced for general pest control on a bimonthly basis? We have found in our area we can get good control of insects with this program. If you have a pest problem in between our services, we will come back and treat at no additional cost.

7. What pests are covered in your regular service? Under our regular service we cover what are referenced to as "dooryard pests." They are rats, mice, ants, roaches, spiders, silverfish, and fleas. For an additional charge you can include bees and wasps.

8. What do you do on your regular service? First we walk around the structure to make sure all windows are closed and any children’s toys or pet dishes are moved away from structure. Next we web the eaves for spider webs. Our service people carry an extended wand Webster™ so we can reach most first story eaves. Next we spray a 12 inch band around the base of the foundation under the window and in the eaves. This provides protection for 80 to 90 percent of dooryard pests. If you are having a problem inside, we will also service the interior. Sometimes we may have to set a special appointment so you can be out of the house for three to four hours.

9. If we sign-up for regular service, will this protect us from termites? No. Treating for termites requires the use of a Termiticide and special treating methods.

10. What is the cost for your service?

  • Termite inspections up to 2,000 square feet are $120.00. Over 2,000 square feet the cost is six cents per square foot. If paid at the time of inspection, the cost is $100.00 or five cents per square foot. In outlying areas the cost is one cent more per square foot.
  • Regular bimonthly service on contract for dooryard pests on homes up to 2,000 square feet is $159.00 for the initial start-up and then $69 bimonthly. Our contracts are for one year or until cancellation.



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